Smoking is often regarded as a bad activity because since years people know that it is injurious to health. But do you know there is a term called CBD vape or vaping? It is very similar to the process of smoking but entirely deals with a different concept, majority of which is about the good and not the bad (nothing injurious). But if you haven’t ever smoked then you shouldn’t consider CBD vaping either but if you smoke regularly then you should consider switching to CBD vape products over smoking. We must tell you why and how.

What is Vape?

It is an electronic cigarette or a device similar to that which people use for inhaling and exhaling, the process of inhaling and exhaling the vapors produced by the device is called Vaping. Often people confuse CBD vaping with weed or marijuana but vapers are originally legal in many countries and are not as harmful as weeds are. Vapors are made out of dry as well as wet ingredients and dry ingredients; the dry ones include wax concentrates, dry herbs whereas the wet ingredients include CBD vape juice and CBD vape oil. When the wet ingredients are supposed to be used a cotton ball is soaked into the liquid and then it is inhaled. Dry herb vapes are usually used for medical purposes and are very much legal. There are vaporizers available in the market only made for using the dry ingredients.

What does a CBD vaping Experience feel like?

Vaping what feels to one might feel something entirely different to other; it is how people do it and what kind of vapers they use it. The majority of people if you ask would say it feels much better than smoking because it is lighter on the lungs and it is like a delicious experience all together. It definitely takes time for someone new to adjust to it because it is a whole new concept and experience. Also, CBD vaping can be enjoyed in different flavors, so you have the liberty to choose flavors on the basis of your preferences. Once you get accustomed to it, you are certainly going to enjoy trying CBD vape products and would love the entire process of it.

Types of Vapes…

Wax and Concentrate Vapes

These Vapes are concerned with the use of wax and concentrates like heating the waxes and concentrates on high temperature which turns them into vapors, that is later inhaled. This method of CBD vaping is the cleanest form because this form is a condensed form of vaporizing. One example of this type of CBD vape is a Dab Pen. Dab Pens are available in so many size options like one that has a large chamber to one with a stealthier approach allowing less wax at a time.

E-liquid Vapes

The e-liquid vapes deal with e-liquids like CBD vape juice which are soaked and heated in an atomizer or coil like form for vaping. It creates huge plumes of vapor and is regarded as the popular CBD vaping method. They are available in variety of shapes and size so, you can expect variation in their availability.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

This one is an easy and approachable process of CBD vaping because it uses dry herbal ingredients for heating in the chamber offering a pure vaping experience. The best part of this type of vapors is that they exclude all kinds of harmful chemicals so one enjoys a safe CBD vaping experience.

Buying Guide on best CBD vape products- the best among the lot for the best of CBD vaping needs

With the size of the population relying on CBD vaping needs growing day by day, it is important for people to identify the best of CBD vaping products especially when people are not well aware with the true meaning of the word. Here is a list of things that you must acknowledge before you buy a CBD vape product.

The Need

The reason one switches to CBD vaping has to the prime force of buying a CBD vape product. Whether it is because of the nicotine addiction you have or the need to smoke, whether you have joined a special group of people who smoke or are used to vaping, whether it is because of medical reasons or a recreational one; all of these must be considered first because there are ample number of products available in the market and they vary because they are used for different purposes.

For Beginners

If you are a newbie in this field of vaporizing then you certainly should go with starter kits because we all know that we must walk before we run. Moreover, there is always scope for learning and one must not forget to learn to get started. There are so many brands selling the best starter kits so one must check them out.

Best Selling CBD vape Products…

Here are a few products that have been enjoyed and loved by the customers and we will explain you the reason why-

1. Vape Case Accessories, Vapor Pouch for Travel

If you are carrying a vapor in your pocket then the chances of dropping it somewhere and then losing it is high. So, one either carries it in their purse or something but do you know there are pouches specially designed for the vapors. One is this CBD vape Case Accessory which has 4 comfortable pockets which apart from carrying the CBD vape can also carry your other essentials. They are best for travelling purposes because that’s when you need to carry it well. There is access of front pocket in this pouch so you can keep your passport and visa there. They protect your vapor along with other essentials safe and protected against scratch or water.


  • It has been made of high quality fabric that is durable and equally stylish.
  • They have been designed for better organization and never compromise with your comfort as they are very easy to carry around.


  • For a CBD vape case, this one is a bit too overpriced than other similar products available online.

2. Cannabis- Box of Six 20 Gram Tubes- HEM Incense

This one is to make your indoor CBD vaping experience smell good and feel nice. These Incense sticks from Cannabis are Made in India products whose prime and only function has been to provide a soothing experience to the ones who are vaping. They are responsible for relaxing the senses of the body after you are done CBD vaping or using CBD vape products. Cannabis being an herbal ingredient is bound to have an earthy smell which indeed is very much soothing. You must buy these six boxes having 20 Gram tubes for indoor uses when you have a community of people enjoying a CBD vaping experience.


  • If you want to get rid of the smell that a particular flavor has left behind the room and it has been strong then this product is of great help as it lightens the smell to a great extent.


  • If you are sensitive to smells, then you must try it once and then start using it for regular purposes since they don’t exactly smell like Cannabis.

3. 15 Pack Ego Silicone Sucker Stand Base Holder for Vapor Tanks and Battery Vaporizer Pens

When you are vaping, you have to make sure your CBD vape remains intact and safe even when you have a phone call to attend or something else to do. This is the reason why vapor stands have been designed and these little sucker stand bases keep the vapor secured. These have been designed for electronic vaporizers and are available in variety of color options as well. Also, they protect the CBD vape from getting damaged like breakage, scratches and even liquid damages etc. It displays the units very simply and is effective in keeping your CBD vape the way it should be.


  • Apart from just securing vapes against damages, it also keeps the battery and tanks safe.


  • These Sucker Stands are only fit for vapes and cannot be used for securing the CBD vape pens.

Is CBD vaping safer than Smoking?

This is the most googled and searched question as people who smoke or who CBD vape are curious to know about which one is safer. Since everything has two sides of it so CBD vaping has statistics which are both in support and against for it.

Reasons why CBD vaping is safer and better than Smoking

  • If you go with statistics and data analysis, then you are likely to find that CBD vaping is 95% safer than Smoking.
  • Vaping has been used by so many people to quit smoking because it is not harmful for the lungs like smoking is.
  • In Vaping, there is no involvement of harmful chemicals instead it removes them in the process which is not the case with smoking.
  • Vape products are not as hazardous as smoking products like cigarettes are.
  • Vaping is often connected to medical and recreational activities whereas Smoking is nowhere stringed to medicines or other helpful purposes.