The Cannabis industry continues to witness immense growth. And it gets better, especially as its broad legalization has opened a floodgate of collaboration, inventions, and ideas that were impossible in the past. One such is CBD edibles, which led to a surge in the consumption of edible cannabis.

Chefs like Joline Rivera and Andrea Drummer are already at the forefront of taking CBD-infused cooking to higher levels of public acceptance and sophistication. Today, you can walk into a dispensary and buy delicacies of your choice – be it chocolate, candies, batteries, brownies, name it.

There’s no doubt that the edible CBD industry is growing with similar intensity as the cannabis industry itself. And being the central hub of the CBD industry, Colorado is easily your first choice to buy CBD edibles.

But you probably don’t know exactly which edibles to pick. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we ‘ve compiled a list of Colorado edibles you should try.

1. The Incredibles

They are widely considered one of the top edible-makers in Colorado. The brand’s handcrafted products are reputed for quality, consistency, and incredible taste. The level of detail that goes into edibles is almost as tangible as it dissolves in the mouth. With their delicate texture and superb quality, their products range from gummies, mints, concentrates, and chocolate bars. Want a classical taste, try their IncredibleCBD! It’s got an outstanding flavor combo that’s got them on the map for a long time now.

2. Wana

Reputed for producing Colorado’s most popular sour gummies, the Wana Brand operates on the highest level of professionalism, quality, and consistency. The intrinsic quality of their products easily reflects this. It would help if you tried their popular sour gummies, from a delicious blend of Water Melon, Green Apple, Raspberry, Grape, Lemon, and Orange flavors. One bite of these gummies makes them an instant customer-favorite, and it’s simply due to their fantastic flavor. The gummies are infused with a high-quality tincture, rather than sprayed. What’s more, they are completely made from gluten-free ingredients!
Wana’s products are available in various CBD and THC ratios, thus allowing customers to select what dosage works for them. For example, their recently launched Quick Fast-Acting Gummies are designed to have an onset of 5-15 minutes and deliver a more inhalation-like experience for customers.

3. Coda Signature Chocolate

If there’s that CDB brand with award-winning products and a thriving market shareholder, you’d be talking about Coda Signature. As a market-share holder in the cannabis-infused chocolate industry, this brand makes premium edibles featuring bold flavor combinations that blend perfectly with their high-quality cannabis oil. The intrinsic quality of their products enjoys a huge fan base, which is why, according to BDS Analytics, four of the top 10 best-selling edible products in Colorado are manufactured by Coda Signature.
Their product options ranging from their best-selling truffles to chocolate bars products are available in over 500 dispensaries across Colorado. This means they’re easy to come by.

4. Julie’s Edible Nutty Bite

Julie’s Edible Nutty Bite uses high quality organic single strains for their cannabutter. What’s more, their recipes are free from gluten, refined sugars, and pesticides. This is why Nutty bite has a perfectly balanced flavor that you can trust to go with any time of the day. In Nutty Bite, you quickly see their attention to quality and their conscious approach to ingredients, quality of high, and overall flavor will leave you asking for more.

5. Suck It

For Suck It, its perfect balance of sweet and sour is an almost incontestable niche. This fruity flavored candy easily keeps you wanting for more. It comes in a variety of wildly imaginative flavors and each with a unique experience. It is dosed at 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg per sweet. With Suck It, a lover of strawberry, watermelon, or apple flavors finds an easy favorite. It gets even better as this product is especially perfect for sublingual dosing.

6. Love’s Oven

At Love’s Oven, there’s an array of deliciously baked food that’d throw you off balance. It’s impressive to note that they are entirely handmade from scratch, with a high level of professionalism reflecting in their quality. Their options range from the mouth-watering baklava to peanut butter brownies – and even if you try, you cannot resist them. Not surprisingly, though, Love’s Oven is one of the leading edibles sellers in Colorado. It’s high level of attention and detail to taste, texture and flavor naturally births an interminable crave for more.
Their products are perfect for both recreational and medical use. This is because they offer strain-specific products, consequently granting you the leeway to determine your experience in detail. Being sold in over 100 dispensaries in Colorado, their products are also quite easy to find.

7. 1906

1906 is a highly versatile, professional brand. It offers a variety of products for different purposes, and they rank tops among their counterparts in their respective uses. ‘Bliss’ gives you that happy mood burst that highlights your day. Go’ helps enhance performance and gives you a burst of alertness and focus. ‘Chill’ is perfect for soothing sore muscles and an overactive mind. Their Midnight product is ideal for inducing a natural and relaxing sleep as it relieves body pain and tension. ‘Love’ is a famous aphrodisiac made from herbs that help escalate blood flow in the pelvic region, thereby increasing. What’s more, 1906 generally uses a lipid micro-encapsulation process that quickens your feel of its edibles with a timeframe of 20 minutes or less.


With the above and many Colorado alone, you can rarely go wrong in your CBD edibles choice. However, it is advisable to gradually take off if you’re new to CBD edibles’ usage. This way, you can easily get the effects under control. In any case, you can rest assured that Colorado edibles promise a lot of fun.