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CBD Delivery Methods. Which one works best?

CBD Delivery Methods. Which one works best?

CBD is one of the newest and most effective ways for people to take care of their own health. Benefits of CBD include pain relief, anxiety relief, stress relief, headache relief, and much more.

With these benefits in mind, it’s a no-brainer that the product is as popular as it is. Anything that can offer a wide array of positives with it is almost always going to be one of the most popular products available.

Considering this notion, CBD will only continue to increase in popularity as time goes on.

With the subject of CBD popularity in mind, some of you might be wondering about the various CBD delivery methods. For those of you that don’t know, a CBD delivery method is how you would actually take the CBD.

There are countless ways to actually take CBD, some of which offer different benefits from each other. On the other hand, some methods can actually enhance the overall experience, making the benefits more prevalent.

Considering the overall discussion of CBD delivery methods, which one works best? With this in mind, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the various CBD delivery methods to help determine the most effective way. Keep in mind every person is different and has varying opinions on the matter. Still, from a broad perspective, this will undoubtedly help you get an understanding of the subject. Nonetheless, let’s get started!

all natural nasal spray

Sublingual Oils

The most popular way to take CBD of any kind is sublingual. This is typically done with a CBD oil that’s dripped under the tongue for a period of time. As a whole, this tends to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to actually take the product. Considering the overall simplistic nature attached to the method, it’s a no-brainer why it’s such a pleasant way.

Compared to other methods of taking CBD, taking it sublingually allows users to achieve virtually all of the benefits attached to the field. Although most plans offer varying benefits of their own, most users report this method as one of the best. Definitely check out a few variations of this method and see which one is best for you.


Outside of taking CBD through the modern enhancements of sublingual digestion, people can take it the old fashioned way of smoking. If you’re a smoker of any kind, you might want to consider smoking CBD. Similar to any form of smoking, smoking CBD allows you to achieve the benefits of it right away. There isn’t a waiting around period whatsoever, and that’s undoubtedly a good thing.

Although smoking isn’t plausible for every single person, for those of you that can, it’s a great way to deliver CBD to yourself. The actual act of smoking CBD is similar to marijuana or even cigarettes and operates the same kind of way. The taste itself is reminiscent of other varying methods of CBD. Plus, there are flavor options available.

CBD Vape Oil

With flavor in mind, considering trying out a CBD vape oil. Over the last ten years or so, vaping has become one of the most activities among younger generations. If you’re a part of a younger generation and already vape, consider vaping CBD vape oil. Vaping this way works similar to standard vaping, but with a CBD focus.

They generally make vapes solely designed for CBD intake, so make sure you find one that is correct for your own doing. Flavor-wise, there are a ton of options available in case you’re not too thrilled on the general taste of CBD. However, keep in mind, the taste isn’t strong at all and shouldn’t sway you from trying it. Similar to smoking, vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to achieve the benefits of CBD.


Whenever you discuss anything related to the cannabis world, most people are already familiar with edibles. Although standard THC edibles are incredibly popular, there is an endless amount of CBD edibles and gummies. For those of you that don’t know, an edible works by eating something that is generally similar to candy or baked goods. However, in this case, the food itself has a bit of CBD in it.

On the other hand, gummies work similarly to standard edibles, but are a lot smaller and don’t have as many calories in them. Since virtually every person doesn’t want any unnecessary calories added to their overall intake, gummies tend to be a lot lighter. However, edibles are great, considering they’re a dessert with CBD or THC in them as an extra bonus.

Natural Nasal Spray

Outside of the standard formats regarding CBD, taking a natural nasal spray is one of the newest and most effective ways to achieve benefits for your head. Considering it’s a direct line to your actual head, natural nasal spray that contains CBD addresses most issues regarding a person’s head. They help with head injuries, pain, headaches, and countless other problems regarding the head.

Taking it is incredibly easy and works like any other nasal spray. All you have to do is spray it up your nose and wait for the effects to come in. Although this method is extremely beneficial for head issues, some of the other benefits aren’t as potent in comparison. However, don’t let this sway you from not trying it out. As a whole, it’s one of the best ways to actually take CBD.


Now that we’ve discussed some of the most common CBD delivery methods let’s go over which one actually works best. Overall, taking CBD sublingually is one of the best ways to achieve all of the benefits attached to CBD. Plus, it’s easy to do and is the best method for beginners. For those of you who are experienced smokers or vapers, doing either with CBD is the best method for fast results.

On the other hand, edibles and gummies are a great tasty option for great results. At the same time, natural nasal sprays tend to be the best method for anything regarding the head. No matter what way you end up going with, realize they’re all worth checking out for a variety of reasons.

Colorado Cannabis Edibles to Try

Colorado Cannabis Edibles to Try

The Cannabis industry continues to witness immense growth. And it gets better, especially as its broad legalization has opened a floodgate of collaboration, inventions, and ideas that were impossible in the past. One such is CBD edibles, which led to a surge in the consumption of edible cannabis.

Chefs like Joline Rivera and Andrea Drummer are already at the forefront of taking CBD-infused cooking to higher levels of public acceptance and sophistication. Today, you can walk into a dispensary and buy delicacies of your choice – be it chocolate, candies, batteries, brownies, name it.

There’s no doubt that the edible CBD industry is growing with similar intensity as the cannabis industry itself. And being the central hub of the CBD industry, Colorado is easily your first choice to buy CBD edibles.

But you probably don’t know exactly which edibles to pick. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we ‘ve compiled a list of Colorado edibles you should try.

1. The Incredibles

They are widely considered one of the top edible-makers in Colorado. The brand’s handcrafted products are reputed for quality, consistency, and incredible taste. The level of detail that goes into edibles is almost as tangible as it dissolves in the mouth. With their delicate texture and superb quality, their products range from gummies, mints, concentrates, and chocolate bars. Want a classical taste, try their IncredibleCBD! It’s got an outstanding flavor combo that’s got them on the map for a long time now.

2. Wana

Reputed for producing Colorado’s most popular sour gummies, the Wana Brand operates on the highest level of professionalism, quality, and consistency. The intrinsic quality of their products easily reflects this. It would help if you tried their popular sour gummies, from a delicious blend of Water Melon, Green Apple, Raspberry, Grape, Lemon, and Orange flavors. One bite of these gummies makes them an instant customer-favorite, and it’s simply due to their fantastic flavor. The gummies are infused with a high-quality tincture, rather than sprayed. What’s more, they are completely made from gluten-free ingredients!
Wana’s products are available in various CBD and THC ratios, thus allowing customers to select what dosage works for them. For example, their recently launched Quick Fast-Acting Gummies are designed to have an onset of 5-15 minutes and deliver a more inhalation-like experience for customers.

3. Coda Signature Chocolate

If there’s that CDB brand with award-winning products and a thriving market shareholder, you’d be talking about Coda Signature. As a market-share holder in the cannabis-infused chocolate industry, this brand makes premium edibles featuring bold flavor combinations that blend perfectly with their high-quality cannabis oil. The intrinsic quality of their products enjoys a huge fan base, which is why, according to BDS Analytics, four of the top 10 best-selling edible products in Colorado are manufactured by Coda Signature.
Their product options ranging from their best-selling truffles to chocolate bars products are available in over 500 dispensaries across Colorado. This means they’re easy to come by.

4. Julie’s Edible Nutty Bite

Julie’s Edible Nutty Bite uses high quality organic single strains for their cannabutter. What’s more, their recipes are free from gluten, refined sugars, and pesticides. This is why Nutty bite has a perfectly balanced flavor that you can trust to go with any time of the day. In Nutty Bite, you quickly see their attention to quality and their conscious approach to ingredients, quality of high, and overall flavor will leave you asking for more.

5. Suck It

For Suck It, its perfect balance of sweet and sour is an almost incontestable niche. This fruity flavored candy easily keeps you wanting for more. It comes in a variety of wildly imaginative flavors and each with a unique experience. It is dosed at 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg per sweet. With Suck It, a lover of strawberry, watermelon, or apple flavors finds an easy favorite. It gets even better as this product is especially perfect for sublingual dosing.

6. Love’s Oven

At Love’s Oven, there’s an array of deliciously baked food that’d throw you off balance. It’s impressive to note that they are entirely handmade from scratch, with a high level of professionalism reflecting in their quality. Their options range from the mouth-watering baklava to peanut butter brownies – and even if you try, you cannot resist them. Not surprisingly, though, Love’s Oven is one of the leading edibles sellers in Colorado. It’s high level of attention and detail to taste, texture and flavor naturally births an interminable crave for more.
Their products are perfect for both recreational and medical use. This is because they offer strain-specific products, consequently granting you the leeway to determine your experience in detail. Being sold in over 100 dispensaries in Colorado, their products are also quite easy to find.

7. 1906

1906 is a highly versatile, professional brand. It offers a variety of products for different purposes, and they rank tops among their counterparts in their respective uses. ‘Bliss’ gives you that happy mood burst that highlights your day. Go’ helps enhance performance and gives you a burst of alertness and focus. ‘Chill’ is perfect for soothing sore muscles and an overactive mind. Their Midnight product is ideal for inducing a natural and relaxing sleep as it relieves body pain and tension. ‘Love’ is a famous aphrodisiac made from herbs that help escalate blood flow in the pelvic region, thereby increasing. What’s more, 1906 generally uses a lipid micro-encapsulation process that quickens your feel of its edibles with a timeframe of 20 minutes or less.


With the above and many Colorado alone, you can rarely go wrong in your CBD edibles choice. However, it is advisable to gradually take off if you’re new to CBD edibles’ usage. This way, you can easily get the effects under control. In any case, you can rest assured that Colorado edibles promise a lot of fun.

CBD vaping in Orange County

CBD vaping in Orange County

CBD signifies a significant development in the world of human health and care. It has proven to be a very effective remedy for different kinds of pain. Interestingly, there are many ways that can be taken. You can use is through topical, edibles, vaping etc. As such, if you are anywhere in or outside Orange County, it is important for you to know how CBD vaping works in the city especially as it relates to the extant laws.

There are lots of Orange County attorneys that could help you out with this. The good news, however, is that currently, a lot of bills about the use of cannabis and CBD vaping are being met with positive reactions in the statehouse.

For instance, just recently lawmakers of the state voted 94-yes, 0-no in support of a resolution canvassing for a temporary study of medical marijuana. In addition to this, there is also traction coupled with some CBD oil bills starting to make headway in the statehouse.

Furthermore, a committee of the house has passed a bill legalizing the selling and possessing hemp by a vote of 12 to 0. Jim Lucas, who is a Republican state representative from Seymour has stated that his House Bill 1137 also includes CBD oil and CBD vaping.

Indeed, this is a welcome development not only for CBD enthusiasts and entrepreneurs but also for Orange County attorneys that deal in CBD practice. The state representative, Jim Lucas believes that this will help to address the confusion surrounding the legality of CBD oil and CBD oil in all of Indiana.

For instance, the Attorney General of Indiana once stated that CBD oil is illegal in the state except for patients who suffer from treatment-resistant epilepsy. Contradicting this, however, the Governor later said that CBD oil, without THC, is legal in the state. Republican State Rep. William C. Friend, from Macy, has also said his CBD oil, House bill 1214 passed the house committee unanimously.

He also believes that his bill addresses the confusion that surrounds CBD oil and CBD vaping in the state. He went further by highlighting that CBD should be seen as a legal substance and also treated as a herbal supplement. He believes that the fact that THC has not up to 3/10 of a percentage, there can be no opportunity for a high.

According to the Legislative Services Agency, there are currently more than ten bills making waves in Orange County that deals with CBD. There are also four other bills that talk about CBD oil which provides a new direction in CBD practice for Orange County attorneys.

A Republican State Senator from Wadesville, Jim Tomes also has also talked about co-, authoring the “Zero THC Hemp Extract” Senate Bill 52 that has also passed the committee. According to the senator, if it can be passed in the formula that it is currently in, the citizens will be a lot happy with it. A lot of other statesmen have also voiced their opinion on this issue including the House Speaker, Brian Bosma who believes that the climate is now changing among lawmakers in terms of CDB oil.

What are CBD drops?

What are CBD drops?

By now, a lot of people will be familiar with what CBD is. But in case you are not, it is just a chemical that is found in marijuana plants. CBD is known to help reduce and mitigate symptoms of so many diseases, especially ones related to pain. Now, there are lots of forms in which it comes and is used. Notable among them are drops which are what we are considering here.

Typically, CBD drops are put under the tongue after which the user will let the oil absorb from there. The oil comes with a dropper that lets you transfer the CBD oil drops and then put under your tongue without any kind mess. The oil drops just the toxic substance drops from a poison ring. There are a lot of membranes in the human mouth that facilitate the rapid absorption of CBD.

Usually, CBD drops are made from hemp plants that are particularly bred to contain minimal-to-no THC and as much CBD as possible. The thing good news is that currently, in all the 50 states in the country, CBD from hemp is legal which means you will ordinarily have no problem buying and using CBD drops.

How fast do they work?
CBD drops work very fast, just as it is with a poison ring. As a matter of fact, it would start working in like 10 to 20 minutes of taking it and you will start feeling the effects of using the drops. They should notice the pain abating around this time and they will feel a lot calmer and relaxed than before. This is in contrast to CBD pills for instance, that can take up to an hour before you start seeing their effect.

Who can use CBD drops?
Anybody can make use of CBD drops. The thing there is just that we have our own individual preferences. So while some individuals use it for only their little ones or pets and themselves, others do not. Although, in a situation where you cannot swallow well due to disability or you are just not generally comfortable with pills, the CBD drops are easily your best choice.

In addition, while some prefer the capsules and pills because they think they are easy to conceal and used discreetly in public, others don’t. In fact, a lot of individuals the CBD drops because they feel they can experiment with dosage and take as much as needed. The thing that matters most at the end of the day is comfort. You will be better off which the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Possible side effects
Just like almost every other thing you put in the body, CBD drops may come cause side effects. But if course, not as if you have taken a poison ring substance. So while a lot of people have a positive experience with them, it is negative for others. For instance, there have been reports of people experiencing dry mouth, low blood pressure and even paranoia just because they took CBD drops.

Ways to take CBD

Ways to take CBD

For those who are considering taking cannabidiol or CBD, there are more than one means to take the product. The number of choices may seem a little confusing at first, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

Nasal Sprays

The nasal spray is an decades-old method of applying medication to relieve sinus pressure. With CBD oil, it is also a way to introduce the product into the lungs using a safe, proven method.

  • Works Quickly
  • Easy to Use
  • Can be Used on the Go

The downside to nasal sprays is the concentration of CBD is usually quite low. However, the spray does provide a compromise between smoking or vaping cannabis and consuming it. That makes the spray perfect for when you are traveling and want to be discreet.


This method may be the most common as it consists of taking CBD oil and placing a drop or two under the tongue.

  • Fast Acting
  • Bypasses Digestive System
  • CBD Oil is Relatively Inexpensive

Because of these reasons, taking CBD oil using the tinctures method is quite popular. However, there is the taste of the oil itself which is often a downside. Given that the doses are usually quite small it’s not much of a downside. But then again this has led to other methods being tried.


Vaping is the heating of water which contains CBD into a vapor which can then be inhaled into the lungs. This allows for the CBD to work quickly as it is absorbed into the blood vessels.

  • Works Quickly
  • Easy to Employ
  • Uses Familiar Vaping Devices

There are restrictions on vaping in some places. And, it may not be the method you want to use. But it does have its advantages. Keep in mind that the current medical concern on vaping THC is not related to CBD.


These are often found in foods, snacks, and beverages where a concentrated dose of CBD is applied.

  • Easy to Use
  • Wide Variety of Products

However, because the delivery system is the digestive tract, it can be slow to create an effect. Furthermore, the digestive system often passes through or destroys much of the CBD before it can enter the blood stream.


Capsules overcome many of the issues associated with the digestive system because it bypasses the stomach and is absorbed in the intestinal tract.

  • Familiar Product
  • Easy to Take
  • Quite Effective

The only real drawback is that it takes more time for the CBD to enter the system compared to sprays or vapes.

Topical Creams or Balms

This has become a popular method for athletes and those who workout frequently to address muscle soreness, aches, and pains.

  • Works on Specific Area of the Body
  • Is not taken Internally
  • Can be Stored for Years

The downside of balms or creams is that they are limited in scope. While great for muscle soreness, the absorption rate is low enough that it does not have the overall effect of taking CBD internally.

Understanding which method works best for you will help you decide the type of CBD you want to use. Keep in mind that all of them have advantages, so choosing the right one will maximize its effect.

Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

vaping cbd oil

It is a known fact that CBD vape oil and e-cigarettes are practically less harmful as compared to smoking standard cigarettes. Furthermore, we realize that there are instruments out there that can enable us to get rid of our tobacco addictions and ideally, add a few more healthy years to our life. Moreover, obviously, through expanded mindfulness, awareness, and better educational resources, we are able to discover and understand the benefits of cannabis and CBD oil especially from a medical point of view.

What is CBD vape oil?

It is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. In contrast to THC, it doesn’t get you high by any means but, it surely calms you down. After various studies, it has been found that the potential medical benefits of CBD vape oil are never ending and its scope is as wide as our milky way. The main benefit of CBD vape oil is that it provides you with tons of benefits without any negative side effects, moreover, it does not even get you high. So, you are always conscious and well-aware of yourself and your surroundings while being able to relax and calm yourself down.

Besides, since CBD is a characteristic segment of hemp which is considered legal in various stated of the United States of America under Hemp Farming Act, it has been promptly accessible to people over everyone without any formal requirement of getting a medical cannabis card.

What are the benefits of vaping CBD oil?

vaping cbd oil

The long-term benefits of vaping CBD oil have yet to be discovered. This is due to the fact that CBD oil is itself a rather new trend and the people are still a bit hesitant about it due to its controversial origins. Moreover, only limited countries are researching on CBD oil, its functions, its benefits, and its potential side effects. Hence, understandably vaping CBD oil now, the following are the benefits of vaping CBD oil.

  • It is safer for your health.

It is a known fact that the traditional form of cigarettes is very harmful for not only the active smoker but, the passive smoker as well. Vaping might not be the healthiest trait but, it is a commonly known fact that they are less harmful in comparison. Moreover, you will be vaping CBD oil which has immense benefits with literally no negative side effects.

  • It tastes much better.

Not only does CBD vape oil taste better but, it also smells way better in comparison to the traditional tobacco that you smoke. This keeps not only the smoker happy but, the people surrounding the smoker as well.

  • It can be used medically.

No one can legitimately judge you for vaping because, CBD vape oil can also be used for medical purposes while also feigning yourself off the bait of smoking tobacco.

  • You can use it for quitting smoking.

As stated above, vaping CBD oil can be used as a healthy alternative of smoking tobacco. This will also gradually help you recover from your smoking addiction.

  • It lasts longer.
vaping cbd oil

Vaping CBD oil leaves its effect on you faster and that effect lasts longer as compared to other means of relieving yourself from your problems.

To conclude, we can say that vaping CBD oil is a better option as compared to cigarettes because of its benefits mentioned above. However, there lies a question mark when discussing its long term effects on the human mind and body.

Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act

Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act

nj marijuana dispensary

Signed into law on July 2nd, 2019, the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act is designed to bolster the NJ marijuana dispensary industry within the state. Offering a wider range of outlets and products, such as CBD edibles for medical marijuana use, this new law was designed to enhance the original medical cannabis law in New Jersey which was enacted back in 2010.
This new law covers a wide range of subjects within the current system. The changes made by the new law are designed to enhance the medical marijuana program and eliminate some of the confusion along with unnecessary or confusing rules that were a part of the process. What follows are highlights of the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act.

No Employer Action

One of the biggest changes is that employers in New Jersey cannot take adverse action against an employee who is a cardholder for medical cannabis. Even if the company has a drug testing program for cannabis that is random for employees or used to screen new applicants, it cannot be used against them if they have a legitimate explanation for the positive result.

However, if there is no legitimate medical explanation, then employers can act against employees or deny job applications if cannabis is found in their system.

No Discrimination Under Certain Circumstances

In other words, those who qualify as patients or caregivers may not be discriminated against for the presence of cannabis in their drug testing under the following conditions;

  • Renting or Leasing Property
  • Enrolling in School, including Higher Institutions
  • Issuing of Certifications, Permits, and Professional Licensing by the State

This means that patients who are registered for receiving medical cannabis or marijuana products along with caregivers who may be exposed to such products cannot be discriminated against in this regard. For those who use medical cannabis legally, this means that obtaining an education, property, or getting licensed is no longer an issue under the new law.

Expanding Cultivators

nj marijuana dispensary

The number of cultivators in New Jersey is now being expanded from 12 to 28 to keep up with demand. This also opens up a larger market that helps to foster greater competition while still maintaining high quality standards.

To this end, the commission that oversees this area will also create a set number of manufacturing and retail licenses for businesses that are so recognized.

Equity Provisions

The new law also provides for specific provisions in terms of female and minority ownership. This is to address any imbalance that may occur in the establishment of such businesses that offer medical cannabis products or manufacture the substance.

Three Types of Permits

This is basically a name change to the different types of permits available. They are now as follows;

  • Medical Cannabis Cultivators
  • Medical Cannabis Manufacturers
  • Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Before, there was vertical integration of what was then called “alternative treatment centers”. This meant that they produced, processed, and were selling products that included medical cannabis. The idea behind this change is to make it easier to understand and apply to specific types of businesses in this field.

Expands Limits on Medical Marijuana Purchases

The limit has been expanded to three ounces per month which is up from two ounces for most patients. This allows a greater amount to be purchased at one time and helps those who use the product more often for their needs.

The one exception is terminally ill patients who have no set limit on how much they can purchase. It was deemed acceptable that those who suffer from terminal conditions, especially when it included chronic pain and discomfort, that a limit was not necessary.

Annual Doctor Recommendations

Previously, a doctor had to recommend medical cannabis four times a year for their patients. This has now been reduced to one time per year. The change was made to alleviate the time and trouble caused by having to renew such recommendations every three months. The annual recommendation is still required from a doctor to reduce potential abuse.

Home Delivery

nj marijuana dispensary

This is a change that is now common among prescription medications which are now delivered to the residence. This was designed to alleviate the burden of having to drive to a dispensary to receive their medicinal cannabis products.

Sunsets Sales Tax

The current 6.625% sales tax on medical marijuana products sold in NJ dispensaries will end in 2022. This means that after the tax is gone, people will pay less for their medical cannabis products.

Out of State Patients

The new law allows for those who live out of state to purchase medical marijuana products. This is designed to expand the number of people who purchase such products to bolster the overall market. Plus, it serves those who may be out of state to obtain medical marijuana if the state in which they are located does not have such facilities.

nj marijuana dispensary

Update Qualifying Conditions

The new list of conditions which qualify for medical cannabis treatment includes the following;

  • Chronic Pain, Seizure Disorder, and Epilepsy
  • Intractable Skeletal Muscular Spasticity
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, and Cancer
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Muscular Dystrophy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn’s Disease

If a patient has less than one year to live, they qualify under terminal illness to use medical cannabis to treat conditions such as the following;

  • Anxiety, Migraine, and Dysmenorrhea
  • Tourette’s Syndrome, Chronic Pain, and Opioid Use Disorder

Plus, any conditions that is approved by the CDC for medical cannabis use can be allowed for terminally ill patients.

Term Changes

nj marijuana dispensary

The term “debilitating medical condition” has now been changed to “qualifying medical condition”.

In addition, there are a number of smaller changes that have been made because of the act. This affects to a mild degree the NJ marijuana dispensary system. In addition to the product expansion of CBD edibles and the like. It should be noted that under federal law, marijuana is still considered illegal and New Jersey does not recognize the recreational use of cannabis or marijuana products.

CBD Vaping or Cannabis Edibles

CBD Vaping or Cannabis Edibles

cannabis edibles

If you haven’t consumed cannabis or CBD in any way yet, then it is important that you learn about the different methods for CBD consumption before you rush out to acquire unique solutions. There are two primary ways to consume CBD i.e. CBD vaping and cannabis edibles. Even though the CBD consumption method in the end comes down to individual preferences, consuming or vaping CBD provides a comparable level of symptom relief. You will really feel calm, relaxed, and uplifted regardless of whether you smoke, digest, or vape. Each method of CBD consumption can influence the thoughts and physique in varied approaches.

CBD Vaping

A lot of individuals choose to acquire CBD solutions like CBD gummies and CBD vape juice as they want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Generally, they are not looking for a way to get high. CBD vaping is not really a solution when you are focusing on the medicinal properties of cannabis. This is because you will only really notice the effects of ‘high’ that the THC present in the buds you vape causes. It can be quite harsh on the consumer’s lungs. That’s why a lot of individuals prefer to get CBD-dominant vape oil. CBD vaping is one of the fastest procedures of feeling the healing effects of cannabis and it is also allowed in the majority of public areas in the U.S.

How Do You Vape CBD?

cannabis edibles

You can vape CBD via vape pens. Vape pens slowly heat up the CBD infused oil to a certain temperature. When the ideal temperature is reached, you inhale CBD into your lungs and in this way the cannabinoids infuse straight into your bloodstream. As compared to smoking, CBD vaping is considerably less harsh on the lungs. This is because vape pens only heat up to a point which is sufficient to create a soothing vapor. When you vape cannabis oil or CBD oil, you can expect to really feel the effects quite substantially.

CBD Edibles

cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles or CBD edibles are another primary way to consume cannabis. These edibles can take up to 3 hours to provide the optimal effect, however as compared to CBD vaping the effects of cannabis fade at a considerably slower rate. Cannabis edibles are the method of consuming CBD for you if you are looking for long-lasting relief for anxiousness, discomfort, and insomnia. Furthermore, your digestive technique will take advantage as well if you consume an edible CBD treat. There are many advantages of CBD edibles. They can deliver your physique with extra nutrients, soothe intestinal inflammation, and minimize nausea.

What Type of CBD Edibles Can You Purchase?

When it comes to the types of cannabis edibles, the sky is the limit. You can acquire cannabis-infused chocolates, juice, gummies – pretty much anything you can think of – all infused with tasty therapeutic cannabis. Most individuals who consume CBD edibles complain about the taste of CBD oil. Because of this, many companies nowadays are manufacturing CBD edibles that taste just like the gummy bears that kids consume. There are even vegan alternatives available which is good news for CBD lovers who are vegans.

Does Consuming or Vaping CBD Give You a High?

cannabis edibles

Regardless of the method used (e.g. consuming or vaping CBD), CBD does not give you a high. THC is the compound that is responsible for giving you a high. This compound is only found in large quantities of distinct cannabis oil. Still, when it is combined with CBD, the effects of ‘high’ are drastically minimized. The cannabinoid compound found in edibles and oils uplifts your mood by offering you a mild buzz, however you won’t really feel ‘high’ or fuzzy-headed.

The Bottom Line

Everyone who consumes CBD will have their own preferred method of consumption. Learning about the various alternative methods of consuming CBD will allow you to make an educated decision about the solution you would like to proceed with. Whether you are simply interested in enhancing your general wellness by applying CBD or you are prescribed healthcare cannabis, you can try the edibles as well as vaping methods and see which one suits you the best and gives you the most relief from your symptoms. Keep in mind that no matter which method of CBD consumption you choose, each method is completely safe and beneficial. However, it is recommended that you start slowly and play around with the dosage of CBD until you find the quantity of cannabis that works best for you.

Toxic Lead Discovered in CBD Vape Cartridges

Toxic Lead Discovered in CBD Vape Cartridges

With vaping only increasing in popularity thanks to the legalization of cannabidiol or CBD oil, concerns about CBD vape cartridges, along with traditional products are growing. This is because lead contamination has been discovered e-cigarette products which is raising alarm bells about the safety of vaping itself. Whether using a traditional or CBD vape cartridge, contaminants such as lead being present put into question the safe nature of the product itself.

It is the concerns of lead that have raised new issues about vaping, particularly in California. But it helps to understand what vaping is first.

How Vaping Works

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The traditional method of consuming cannabis is through smoking. However, since cannabis contains properties that are still illegal in much of the country, vaping CBD oil has become a popular alternative. Vaping works on the same principle as smoking, but is different in that vaping is not ignited, but heated to create the vapor which is then inhaled.

Vaping is not only easy to use, it’s also more discreet and does not have the smell or odor of cannabis flower. This means that the CBD vape cartridge offers many advantages which start with its ease of use. For those who have used traditional vaping cartridges, such as those that mimic the taste of tobacco, switching to CBD is no issue.

In addition, vaping is fairly inexpensive, and you can try products outside of CBD if desired. Many use essential oils or other products that change up the vaping experience without the inherent danger to the body. This is because such products are non-toxic in nature which makes them safe to use in public situations. Plus, they are safe to the surrounding environment as well since they are not ignited. This means that the risk of catching flammable materials on fire is minimal, if at all.

It’s little wonder that cannabis products are being vaped more than ever. With strong rises in vaping sales in states like California, many in the public believe that vaping is the safe alternative.

CBD Vape Cartridges

Presence of Lead

However, the recent discovery of lead contamination in vaping products sold in California has caused authorities to re-evaluate the safety of CBD cartridges which are so popular. Although the levels of heavy metals found were low, the World Health Organization considers no amount of lead to be acceptable. The symptoms associated with lead poisoning include the following;

  • Headaches, Abdominal, Joint, and Muscle Pain
  • High Blood Pressure, Mood Changes, and Difficulty Concentrating or Poor Memory

Pregnant women may suffer miscarriages or premature birth. And if a child is carried to term, there may be considerable complications that ensue.

The dangers of lead have been known for many decades. Arguably the most famous product that lead was associated with was paint. Lead added strength and durability to paint products. While there were concerns, it was believed that the paint itself would shield the lead from being inhaled or consumed. That belief changed in the 1970s when studies showed that when dry and chipping, the lead became a danger. This is why lead was banned from most materials at that time.

With all the complications that the presence of lead offers, steps are being taken to ensure the safety of vaping products. But the source of the contamination appears to come from the vaping cartridges and the cannabis itself. This has created some concern because lead has been banned from most products since the 1970s. Which means a failure to address the source might result in a banning of the cannabis product itself.

Lead Contamination Source

CBD Vape oil

For the CBD vape cartridge, the source of the contamination comes from the metal foundries in China where they are manufactured. It’s common to add a little lead to the copper and brass feedstocks, so the metal is moldable and easier to shape. The more moldable the metal, the lower the cost of production. It’s not surprising that companies save millions of dollars every year by adding lead without realizing the consequences of what they are doing.

Instead, it is because they have different standards compared to California. In China, the acceptable levels of lead cannot exceed 4% or 40,000 parts per million. In California, the level is 0.5% or 5,000 parts per million. This means that with cartridges being manufactured in China, it may be impossible to reduce the amount below the California required levels. If so, then another manufacturing source will be needed to replace the CBD vape cartridge line.

If the lead comes from the cannabis, it’s usually because the soil has been contaminated with lead. The plants absorb the metals from the soil during the growing stages. Or, it’s possible that the cannabis is contaminated when processed. But this is a less-likely source of contamination as most cannabis plants are grown in soil with concentrations of lead that do not exceed even California’s requirements.

The Future of CBD Cartridges in California

CBD Vaping

Although the most popular type of vape cartridge, CCELL carts, manage to reach just 0.6 or 0.7 parts per million, which is acceptable in most states, it still falls short of what is acceptable in California. Of course, there are those who believe that no amount of lead is safe which will greatly hinder the CBD vape movement if lead continues to be detected in cartridges.

What concerned consumers can do is check the date of manufacture. All products produced after the first of January 2019 have passed the heavy metals test. This means that the levels of lead do not reach above 0.5 parts per million. However, any CBD cartridges produced before that date have not been tested and may contain higher levels of lead.

You may also want to look at the new CBD vape cartridge which is lead-free. Such cartridges are now being produced and should be available to purchase even in California. In most cases, such cartridges should be clearly labeled as lead-free and will likely be higher in price given the greater difficulty in manufacturing. Until then, it is advised that if you have any concerns about lead, you should avoid the vaping process all together until the matter has been fully resolved.

Risks of Vaping CBD Oil

Risks of Vaping CBD Oil

CBD oil, as a substance, has very little risks to human health, if used correctly. Unlike other products derived from cannabis, CBD has no psychoactive effects, so it can be used at any time.

It will not alter one’s consciousness and thinking processes, providing just a calm state of mind while improving the ability to focus. CBD is also available in a wide range of products.

You can find it in the form of oil and tinctures, which can be added to food or beverages. As for edibles that are ready-made or as a liquid for vape pens. Of all these products, it is said that vaping CBD is the most effective way to make sure you get the most of this compound.

Let us see why and what kind of risks are associating to vaping CBD oil.

Risks of Vaping CBD Oil

If you take a closer look at the CBD products mentioned earlier, you will see that most of them are ingested and end up in our digestive system. The CBD vape oil, on the other hand, is inhaled, so it ends up in the lungs.

The degree of absorption, of active ingredients, is higher at lung level than in our stomach. This is due to the fact that from the lungs, CBD goes straight into our bloodstream. So, the absorption rate or bioavailability of CBD is higher when vaping.

The CBD products that are ingested have a lower absorption rate because a good part of it is lost in our digestive system.

So, if CBD vape oil is this great, why are there risks? And what kind of risks are we talking about? Whenever you want to start treatment, regardless of its type, you should always check the risks. Being aware of the risks will give you the chance to make better choices.

When it comes to CBD vape oil, the quality of the products found on the market is the one that should worry you the most. Vaping is not as toxic as smoking, as there aren’t any burned residues that will end up in your lungs.

Risks of Vaping CBD Oil

But, unfortunately, this market niche is far from being properly regulated. This means that there aren’t any clear quality standards that should be met by providers. Thus, if you are not careful when choosing your CBD vape oil, you may end up with an oil that contains harmful components, like unwanted chemicals.

If the vape oil is of high quality and purity, the mere process of vaping will not produce damages. You inhale just heated vapors and not smoke and other by-products of a burning process.

Still, you need to bear in mind that there is very little information about the effects of CBD vaping at the moment. If you choose to vape CBD, you should be extremely careful when choosing your products.

Ask for quality and provenience certificates and laboratory evidence concerning the product you are about to purchase. Because the interest in CBD in growing, we should expect to see more studies coming up in the near future, which may also include the advantages and disadvantages of CBD vaping, backed-up by science.

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